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Mansfield University 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Acting President
Dr. John Ulrich
500 North Hall; 570-662-4046

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. John Ulrich
508 North Hall; 570-662-4804

Vice President for Administration & Finance
Ms. Amy Dicello
529 North Hall; 570-662-4881

Interim Associate Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Dr. Gretchen Sechrist
509 North Hall; 570-662-4877

Associate Dean of the Faculty
Dr. Joshua Battin
504 North Hall; 570-662-4877

Dean of Students
Mr. Scott Kane
319 Alumni Hall; 570-662-4342

Director of Institutional Research & Assessment Data
Dr. John Cosgrove
511 North Hall; 570-662-4586

Library and Information Resources
Mr. Scott DiMarco, Library Director
214 North Hall; 570-662-4689

Ms. Lori Cass, Registrar
224 South Hall; 570-662-4873

Financial Aid
Ms. Pamela Kathcart, Director of Student Financial Aid
229 South Hall; 570-662-4823
Student Accounts
Ms. Julie Cimino, Director of Student Accounts
224 South Hall; 570-662-4388

Information Technology
Mr. Nicholas Andre, Chief Information Officer
002 Memorial Hall; 570-662-4831

Alumni Affairs & Advancement
Ms. Casey Wood, Director
G-9 Alumni; 570-662-4078

Career Center
Ms. Nichole Lefelhoc, Director
Ground Floor, Alumni; 570-662-4133

Controller’s Office
Ms. Colleen Jackson, Assistant Controller
525B North Hall; 570-662-4898

Office of Human Resources
Ms. Samantha Holler, Employee Relations and Compensation
112 Alumni; 570-662-4891