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Mansfield University 2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mission Statements

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Mansfield University Mission Statement


Our Mission

As Pennsylvania’s premier public liberal arts institution, Mansfield University offers students a personalized education that emphasizes character development, scholarly growth, cultural awareness, and community service. By preparing our students for productive careers and meaningful lives, we positively influence the world.

Our Vision

As Pennsylvania’s only member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities (COPLAC), Mansfield University is the state’s premier public liberal arts institution. We are committed to enhancing our identity as a small, distinctive, affordable alternative to private liberal arts colleges.


We believe in integrity. We act with honesty and respect toward others. We take responsibility for our actions and reflect on their impact on ourselves and others.


We believe in learning. We use rigorous, responsible, and critical inquiry to understand existing knowledge, acquire and share new knowledge, and apply what we learn. Each of us is both student and teacher.


We believe in celebrating humanity. We enrich ourselves and others by sharing and exploring our similarities and differences. We honor the past as we invent the future.


We believe in helping others. We work with others to improve the communities in which we now live and will touch in the future. Knowledge invests us with the power to improve our world and the responsibility to act.

 In 1912, our Mansfield University student body first adopted the above words, emphasizing their order: “Character as the essential, Scholarship as the means, Culture as the enrichment, and Service as the end of all worthy endeavors.” Developed by the Leadership Committee of the Focus on Student Learning Forum; last revised May 19th, 2004.

Graduate Studies Mission Statement


Mansfield University graduate study programs provide personal and professional development opportunities expanding one’s knowledge, skills and life-long learning capacities. Programs stimulate engagement in shared learning, evolve critical thinking abilities through practice and reflection, and encourage group and community service.