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Mansfield University 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Student Life

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Residence Hall Living

The community living environment, provided through our traditional residence halls and new, suite/semi-suite living options, enables students to gain invaluable educational and personal experiences. While residence hall living presents many opportunities and conveniences, it also challenges students to demonstrate appropriate behaviors and live within university and societal expectations.

We can accommodate approximately 1,700 students in our residence halls. To meet the interests of our diverse student body, a variety of housing options are available, including single sex, co-educational, wellness floors, and special interest housing. Students may reside in our new, air conditioned suite and semi-suite accommodations with private bathrooms in Oak or Hickory Manors, or in standard double and single roomin the traditional residence halls . To help ensure a positive living environment, each hall is operated by a full-time, live-in professional staff member who is assisted by student staff members who live on each residence hall floor. All residence halls are smoke free.

Since our residence halls are homes away from home for our students, each is furnished and equipped to meet student needs. In addition to furniture, each room is equipped with cable TV hookup and computer network access for each student. Each residence hall has free laundry facilities, kitchenettes, study lounges, and comfortably furnished lounges for informal gatherings. You can also opt to rent a microwave/refrigerator combination units. Our halls are the focal point for a variety of educational, recreational and social programs and activities on campus, and provide numerous leadership and work opportunities.

Comprehensive information about residence hall living, on-campus residency requirements, costs, dining options and room assignments is available on-line on the Residence Life page. Additional information can be found in the university student handbook (the Mountie Manual), and the residence living handbook. All students in the first two years of study are required to live and dine on campus unless they meet commuting or other criteria specifically delineated on the site: http://mansfield.edu/residence-life/media/files/Mountie-Manual.pdf.

Student Activities

“Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders Through Involvement” is the motto of the Student Activities Office, recognizing that the university experience involves learning both in and outside of the classroom. To ensure a positive out-of-class educational experience, we offer a wide range of activities to supplement the in-class learning, to provide you with opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience and to strengthen interpersonal skills. The Student Activities Office coordinates a variety of social, cultural, and recreational programs. A comprehensive listing of campus activities can be found on the Calendar of Events on our web site.

Student Organizations

Mansfield University has over 100 active clubs/organizations and a wide variety of music ensembles, both vocal and instrumental, that provide outlets for student interests as well as opportunities for students to sharpen personal skills and strengthen both leadership and organizational skills. Many of the activities planned by these organizations are funded by student activity fees.

Although participation in student organizations provides opportunities for having fun, developing personal skills and gaining hands-on experiences, a practical advantage for students can be to enhance your personal portfolio which could be very valuable when entering the job market. The university encourages students to selectively become involved in these opportunities.

Student Center

The Alumni Hall Student Center is a campus focal point for students to gather and relax. The Center contains space for a wide range of organized activities as well as informal gatherings. The Center houses the bookstore, a food court, game room, the Martin Luther King Jr. Resource Center, meeting rooms, organization mailboxes, TV lounge, multi-purpose room, and offices for the Student Government Association, and College Community Services, Inc.

Student Government Association

Student opinion and input into the operations of Mansfield University are valued and fostered. Our Student Government Association (SGA) provides a forum for discussion and an avenue for students to make change.

Under the umbrella of SGA, students serve on the Executive Board, Student Senate, and a wide range of university committees. At Mansfield, in cooperation with faculty, staff and trustees, they are part of the decision-making processes of the university.

Athletics and Recreation

Mansfield University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and our 14 intercollegiate teams play at the Division II level.

Women’s programs include soccer, field hockey, basketball, cross-country, swimming, softball, indoor track and track. Men’s programs include football, cross-country, basketball, baseball, indoor track and track. Sprint football is not an NCAA sport but provide special opportunities for intercollegiate competition.

Our recreational sports program is for students who value athletic participation but at a less competitive and more social level. We provide a broad range of opportunities in men’s, women’s and coed events as well as multiple groups involved in aerobics. In addition, we have both indoor and outdoor facilities for organized as well as individual students participation. The Kelchner Fitness Center provides facilities for basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, aerobics, racquetball and dance, and includes a well-equipped fitness room. Students may use the facilities individually, in groups, or as part of our recreational sports program.

Health Services

Primary medical care is provided at our clinic located on campus in Maple B. There is no additional cost for basic care beyond the health fee paid each semester. There is a fee, however, for specialized services such as tests and x-rays. The University police are trained to deal with medical emergencies and are assisted as necessary by the residence hall staff. Community ambulance service is available on a 24-hour basis to transport students with serious emergency medical problems to local hospitals as required.

Identification Cards (One Card)

A University identification card that contains a photo (also known as “One Card”) is issued to students, faculty, and staff. All students, including those off-campus, must have an MU One card. One Cards are available at the CCSI office (College Community Services, Inc.), at 203 Alumni Student Center. Regular office hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Extended hours are available during the first two weeks of classes but vary each semester; therefore students should contact the CCSI office at (570) 662-4929 for specific information.

The One Card enables the students to check out library materials and receive discounts on many cultural and entertainment productions. In addition, cards are used to access the Library website from off-campus and may be used for the printers and copy machines in North Hall Library and various locations on campus. Student One Cards must be carried at all times and shown to authorized personnel upon request. One Cards are examined at the library, at athletic events, and at various campus activities. They also serve as meal cards and can be used as cash debit cards. The cost of the One card is $5 for new students. Replacement cards are $15.

Each student enrolled in an online program will receive a letter containing their Library Access bar code. The online student also has the option of receiving an actual One card by submitting a picture (equivalent to a passport/drivers license photo) and a front/back copy of an official government ID (i.e., driver’s license, military ID), along with $5.00, to the office of One Card Administration, 136 Alumni Hall. For questions, please call 570-662-4074. 

Police and Safety Services

The University Police Department is located in Doane Center and is open 24 hours each day of the year. The Department staff includes 11 commissioned police officers, including the Director, 3 security officers and up to 6 student staff. The Department has responsibility for parking enforcement and parking permit issuance, crime prevention, criminal investigations and other related police functions, and student weapons storage.

Student Policies


Educational Records Confidentiality Policy

We collect and maintain data and information about students for designated periods of time and for the express purpose of facilitating their educational development. We recognize the privacy rights of individuals, as guaranteed by the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law of 1957. We attempt to balance those rights with the institution’s need for information relevant to the fulfillment of its educational missions. As such, the university has an approved policy on the confidentiality of student records which outlines all procedures that apply to the collection, maintenance and release of such records. (See University Polices section of this catalog regarding Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).

Smoking/Tobacco Policy

The Mansfield University policy on smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco is consistent with both the Pennsylvania Clean Air Act and policies established by the Board of Governors for the Pennyslvania State System of Higher Education. Concerns with this policy or reports of violation of this policy should be directed to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

  1. Smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco products is not permitted in Mansfield University buildings, except in an area or individual office that have been designated as smoking areas. Classrooms, laboratories, reception areas, common areas, conference rooms or other places where classes, committees, or other public groups may convene are not to be designated as smoking areas. Entrances to buildings will be appropriately signed to indicate that smoking is permitted in designated areas.
  2. The use of smokeless tobacco is only permitted in smoking areas. Users of smokeless tobacco products are to discard expectorant in toilets and not in common ash trays or common waste containers.
  3. The Vice President for Administration and Finance is responsible for the designation of smoking areas within buildings other than residence halls. Requests to (a) designate a new or additional smoking area or (b) to delete the designation of an area for smoking should be addressed to the Vice President who shall make decisions on smoking area designations consistent with this policy after consulting, where appropriate, with other cabinet members and the Administrative Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  4. Consistent with this policy, smoking is also prohibited in all residence halls.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Mansfield University is an active member of the Network of Colleges and Universities Committed to the Elimination of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The standards of the network have also been adopted by the Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education as policy for all state universities.

We have the responsibility to provide a drug free environment where the use of alcohol and other drugs do not interfere with learning. For this reason, the possession, distribution, and/or use of alcohol and other drugs on the Mansfield University campus is prohibited. Persons violating this prohibition will face university disciplinary sanction, and/or arrest by university police. University disciplinary actions will include an educational component to encourage the individual’s acceptance of the responsibility for his/her own choices and behavior.

Mansfield University will educate and provide information to the campus community for the purpose of preventing the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. The university will also provide counseling and referrals for persons with alcohol or other drug problems.

Motor Vehicle Registration

Regulations pertaining to parking and vehicle use are available at the University Police Department, Doane Center, or online at www.mnsfld.edu/~police/Parking and are also distributed when registering your vehicle. All students, employees, and visitors who operate a vehicle on campus must register their vehicles and display the appropriate decal or tag.



Mansfield University students participate in a wide array of organizations. The list that follows may change periodically based on student interest.

Advocacy Association

This is an organization of individuals who provide peer education in the areas of dating violence, sexual assaults, and sexual harassment. Support is also provided to students who may become victims of dating violence, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA is the governing body for the residence halls. Its purposes are to develop and recommend to the Residence Life Office policies and procedures for on-campus living, policy, approve hall budgets, and to sponsor activities both in the halls and on a campus-wide level. RHA is an active member of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). Delegates are sent to conferences on the local, regional, and national level. Membership is open to any student who lives in the residence halls.

Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society

Alpha Phi Sigma is the National Criminal Justice Honor Society and is recognized by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences as the only official Criminal Justice Honor Society in the United States. It is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is open to any criminal justice major or minor with 40 earned credits and 3.2 overall GPA and a 3.2 in criminal justice. It provides opportunities to members to travel to regional and national conferences, and for academic competition. Membership also provides preferred status for special tours and activities.

Alpha Sigma Alpha

A national social sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha’s purpose is to assist college females in growing intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically. Participation in the Special Olympics is our philanthropic project. Aspire, Seek, Attain is ASA’s motto.

Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau is a national sorority emphasizing academics. A minimum 2.3 grade point average is necessary to participate. AST is involved in a variety of social service activities both with the local community and nationally. The motto is Active, Self-reliant, and Trustworthy.

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)

The ACDA chapter at Mansfield University is affiliated with the National American Choral Directors Association. The purposes of the chapter are to provide an incentive for students to become more committed to the art of choral conducting at an earlier age; to provide learning opportunities outside the classroom; to provide useful services to the choral area and music department; to encourage student leadership and direct experience with A peer motivated discovery of the choral art. Any Mansfield University student is welcome.

American String Teachers Association (ASTA)

The Mansfield student chapter of ASTA is an organization open to students who play string instruments. The organization promotes a high standard of string playing and teaching in the community, schools, orchestras and on campus.

Aquaculture Club

This organization plans and provides educational programs and activities in the fields of fish culture and biology, including movies, slide shows, seminars and field trips.

Art Acquisition/Exhibition

This is a student committee working under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The committee plans monthly art exhibits on campus and oversees the university’s permanent art collection. It also schedules and implements student art exhibits and purchases art work for the permanent collection. Open to all interested students.

Art Guild

This group provides members the opportunity to experience art outside the community, through workshops and quest speakers, in an effort to expose them to art methods other than those at the University. They also strive to strengthen awareness of art in the greater community.

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club is made up of Mansfield University students and staff who have a common interest in competitive badminton. Club members represent the school at several regional tournaments each year and the Mansfield Club hosts a tournament of its own each April.

Best Buddies

The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment. We do this at the college level by matching college student volunteers in mutually enriching friendships with persons with intellectual disabilities.

Biology Club

The objectives of the Biology Club include advancing the level of biology knowledge, providing an opportunity for interaction for students with an interest in biology and facilitating discussion on topics and careers in this field. The club accomplishes these objectives through meetings, discussions, educational programs and community service projects.

Black Students Union (BSU)

BSU is an academic and social support group for students interested in the promotion of the culture and interest of African-Americans, Hispanics, or other students of color. Activities are designed to encourage and motivate students to realize personal potential, achieve academically, and increase cultural knowledge. The organization coordinates and sponsors campus diversity programs promoting African-American and African cultures. The Annual KWANZAA Celebration is the most popular event.

B-Movie Club

This organization promotes movies that were created with a small budget, but still provide a high amount of entertainment. In addition, they are planning to undertake the filming of their own B-movie.

Boxing Club

This club provides an opportunity for conditioning and competition that helps promote physical and mental well-being through the science of boxing.

Campus Crusade for Christ

The Campus Crusade for Christ is one of several student groups on campus that provide opportunities for students to pursue interests and issues related to their spiritual needs and benefits.

Campus Scouts

This group provides a means of identifying with the Girl Scout movement and opportunities, through fellowship and leadership, for service within Girl Scouting and the college community.


Cheerleading is open to any student with an overall 2.00 QPA. Up to 16 women and 16 men are chosen through tryouts. The football squad is selected in March and the basketball squad in October.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club gives students an opportunity to become better acquainted with the field of chemistry. Members and the student body benefit from guest speakers, films, projects, and special programs.

Circle K

Circle K strives to develop leadership for its members, responsibility to self and others and to educate through a positive aid to campus and community.

Colleges Against Cancer

The American Cancer Society’s “Colleges Against Cancer” organization is a National collaboration of college students, faculty and staff dedicated to fighting cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society and improving college communities by instating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society.

Computer Science Club and Student Web

This club is open to any student with an interest in computers. It will enhance the opportunities available to the student through guest speakers, field trips, and participation in the Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators (PACISE).

Council for Exceptional Children

The student chapter of Council for Exceptional Children is affiliated with the national conference. Membership in the chapter is open to all college students, especially those interested in working with exceptional children. There is a membership fee for joining on the national level, which includes a monthly journal, but it is free to all students for the local level. Members have opportunities to meet and talk with professionals in the field. Specific activities are planned which promote the pre-professional development of the members. Group activities include dances for individuals in residential facilities, state and national conferences, special Olympics, and guest speakers.

CATS (Creative Arts Therapy Sounding)

The Music Therapy Organization sponsors workshops, guest speakers, and representation at conferences in support of the profession of music therapy. It is affiliated with the National Association for Music Therapy Students and is open to anyone interested in music therapy.

CURV (Creating a University with Respective Values)

This organization is for parents, families and friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) who come together to promote the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans­gendered persons, their families and friends through support - to cope with an adverse society, education - to enlighten an ill-informed public, advocacy - to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.

Delta Zeta Sorority

Delta Zeta sorority members have the opportunity to interact with peers, strengthen self-confidence, achieve academic excellence, develop leadership potential, and help others through national and local philanthropies. Delta Zeta supports all Anti-Hazing Laws. A minimum 2.5 grade point average is necessary to join.

Diversity of Arts

The purpose of this organization is to entertain, introduce, perform and educate the Mansfield University students and surrounding community about the art of dancing. They incorporate several styles of dancing, including African, Spanish, swing and jazz, while using flags, drums, gymnastics and stepping.

El Club de Espanol

El Club de Espanol is an organization devoted to the stimulation of interest in the Spanish language and culture. Its many activities included field trips, movies, and dinners. Anyone is welcome.

Eta Beta Tau

The purpose of this fraternal chapter is to promote culture through the arts as exemplified by growth, diversity of character, brotherhood and unity of thought.


This is the student newspaper and is published weekly by Mansfield University students. A wide variety of service opportunities are available for staff members including reporting, typing, designing, selling and taking photographs. Additional staff are always welcome.

French Club

The purpose of this group is to stimulate ability and interest in the French Language, as well as French Culture and Literature.

Geography Club

The Geography Club furthers the diverse interests of geography majors, minors and other interested students. The club sponsors presentations and trips related to regional planning, environmental science and other aspects of geography.

Geology Club

The Geology Club promotes geology in the Mansfield area. It is open to all students and faculty. The Geology Club sponsors a variety of field trips and speakers. Members attend and participate in professional meetings.

German Club

This group seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The organization aims to promote the study of the German language, literature, and civilization, and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and which contribute to man’s eternal search for peace and truth.

Golf Club

This group seeks to bring together students with an interest in golf and who seek to play at the competitive level. Members can be of all skill levels and all are welcome.

Gospel Choir

Desires to bring a sense of hope and insight to the University through their medium of song, all are welcome.

History Club

Open to any interested student, the History Club’s purpose is to facilitate students’ interest in history and to foster professional growth, as well.

Honors Association

Membership is open to any student in good standing in the university’s Honors Program. Its purpose is to plan and implement the social and cultural events of the association.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing body of the social fraternities. Its purpose is to promote the best interests of the fraternity system and the university. IFC makes binding rules concerning fraternity policy, and enforces rules for rushing, pledging, intramurals, and scholarships. IFC promotes the spirit of cooperation among all fraternities and the highest ideals of fraternalism.

International Association of Jazz Educators

The purpose of this organization is to bring together those interested in jazz, rock and popular music and to provide opportunities for musical experiences and growth. IAJE is a sponsor of the annual Mansfield University Jazz Festival.

International Tuba and Euphonium Association (ITEA)

This organization, formerly known as TUBA, it seeks to maintain a liaison between those who take an interest in the tuba and euphonium family.

Judo Club

The objective of this club is to teach judo and provide opportunities to learn and practice judo.

Kappa Kappa Psi

This organization operates primarily as a student service and leadership recognition society whose chief aim is to assist the Director of Bands in developing the leadership and enthusiasm that is required of his/her band. Our goals are to provide the band not only with organized and concentrated service activities, but to give our membership valid and wholesome experiences in organization, leadership and social contracts.

Kappa Phi

Kappa Phi is a sisterhood strongly rooted in Christ. We are a nondenominational group of Christian university women. Our purpose is to provide opportunity and challenge to serve Christ through our lives.

Kayak Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote the sport of kayaking in a safe and fun manner. It is open to all students, Mansfield University personnel, and interested community members.

Lambda Alpha Epsilon

Lambda Alpha Epsilon is the American Criminal Justice Association and is open to any person enrolled in a program of study in the criminal justice field or who is currently or formerly employed in an area concnered with the admission of criminal justice.

Lambda Sigma

Lambda Sigma is a national honor society for sophomore men and women dedicated to fostering leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among college students. They promote the interests of Mansfield University. The Alpha Epsilon chapter offers students opportunities for personal growth, leadership experience, and a sense of involvement in Mansfield University.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

The purpose of this organization is to promote interest and awareness of the rich and diverse Hispanic/Latin culture and to help more Latin students find a forum for their voice on campus.

LEO Club of Mansfield University

The goal of this organization is to promote service activities among the youth of the community which will develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience and Opportunity and to unite its members in friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding. The LEO Club is affiliated with Lions International.

Mansfield Activities Council (MAC)

MAC plans programs and activities for the entire university community, including movies, concerts, coffeehouses and cultural affairs, as well as feature arts and forums. MAC also assists other university organizations in programming.

Mansfield College Republicans

The purpose of this organization is 1) to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the Mansfield campus and community; 2) to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government; 3) to encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at local, state, and national levels; 4) to organize community service projects, run issue advocacy, lobbying efforts, help bring conservative guest speakers to campus and organizing social events and other activities and 5) to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service by them to the Party and community.

Mansfield International Students Organization (MISO)

This club was created by the Mansfield University international students in 1982 to promote and share cultural differences, cultivate friendship and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere. While membership is open to all interested students, American students are especially encouraged to join. With the rich and diverse cultures of its members from all over the world, the organization is unique and has much to offer educationally, socially and culturally. The most popular event coordinated and sponsored by MISO is the Annual International Festival featuring international foods, traditional fashion show, and international entertainment.

Mansfield Lacrosse Club

This club provides the students of Mansfield University with the ability to witness and play Lacrosse at a competitive level.

Maple Hall Council

Maple Hall Council benefits Maple Hall and the campus. The council consists of representatives living on each male and female floor in the building. Members plan activities, fund raisers and represent students in the campus and residence hall decision -making process.

Mathematics Club

The purposes of the Math Club are to promote communication among students and faculty and to encourage participation in activities related to mathematics. Activities sponsored by the Math Club include field trips, speakers, and social events in addition to assisting the department in various ways.

Mountaineer TV Productions

Purposes of the TV Club include exposing members to the world of TV and TV production, promoting an exchange of ideas with respect to TV production and promoting a cooperative attitude between faculty members and students in the Communication and Theatre Department.

MU Dance Team

The MU Dance Team adds more entertainment value to our basketball games and to attract more fans. It is also a good opportunity for people, with an interest in dance, to express it within an organization and build upon their talents and team skills.

MU Dramatists

This organization was created to stimulate interest in the field of dramatics and to encourage the creative ability of its members.

MU XI Literary Society

An organization to stimulate and foster appreciation of language and literature and to give encouragement to creative and critical writing. Through its literary magazine, MU XI, it seeks to benefit, not only its members, but the entire university community.

Music Business and Technology Club

To promote a better understanding of the music industry by encouraging interaction between club members and the music industry by allowing club members to correspond with music industry educators and campus guests.

Mansfield University Nurses Association:

The purpose of this organization is 1) to provide each member with the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the organization by encouraging participation as an individual and as members. 2) to assist each member in achieving professional and social growth through participation in this organization as well as similar organizations in area, state and national level and 3) to develop an interest in recruitment to nursing and to this school.

Mountie Guides

The Mountie Guides volunteer to serve our university, campus community, academic departments, campus organizations, and the community beyond&by serving as Campus Tour Guides to prospective students, their families & friends, high school teachers and guidance counselors, and any other interested community members.

Music Educators National Conference

MENC helps promote contact between students interested in the field of music education and music educators on the local, state and national levels.

National Alliance of Saxophonists

NASA is a student run organization that is part of a national organization which operates to further the composition and performance of saxophone music.

National Art Educators Association

The purpose of this chapter is to provide an effective transition from art education preparation to professional practice. To maintain a high standard of quality art education and the visual arts on campus and in the community. To gain greater insight and perspective about the teaching of art and contemporary concepts in art education and the visual arts. Sponsor service projects such as speakers, symposia, exhibitions, etc. Promote an exchange of ideas in substantive art education and the visual arts. To promote art education and all areas of the visual arts as a career choice.

Non-Traditional Student Organization

Since significant numbers of Mansfield University students commute to campus and/or are sometimes, older students who have been away from the formal educational environment for a period of time, the goal of this organization is to attempt to provide opportunities for these students to become a more integral part of the Mansfield University community.

Order of Omega

The purpose of Order of Omega is to recognize those students who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-Greek activities.

Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Council is the governing body for all sororities. It is executive, legislative, and judicial. The branches compile the rules and regulations by which the sororities abide. Panhellenic Council sponsors Rush Week, the Scholarship Cup, and the Panhellenic Handbook. In cooperation with the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic co-sponsors Greek Week.

Phi Alpha Honor Society

This organization seeks to foster higher standards of academic excellence for Social Work and is to honor those who have attained excellence in the major. To be eligible, the Social Work major must have 31 earned credits, completed eight credit hours of required Social Work courses, achieved an overall QPA of 3.0 and attained a QPA of 3.25 in required Social Work courses.

Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity associated with Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Phi Beta Lambda operates Greek T’s and More, a business on campus which provides members with experience and understanding of how a business operates. Phi Beta Lambda is also responsible for Career Seminar Day, a major annual event on campus.

Phi Beta Sigma

Phi Beta Sigma fraternity embraces the principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and service which are crystallized in the fraternity motto Culture for service and service for humanity.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

The primary purpose of this fraternity shall be to encourage and actively promote the highest standards of creativity, performance, education, and research in music in America. Further purposes shall be to develop and encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to instill in all people an awareness of music’s important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.

Phi Mu Delta

Originally established as the local fraternity Alpha Omega Delta, Phi Mu Delta national fraternity colonized a chapter on the Mansfield University campus in the fall of 1997. A member of the Greek System and Inter-Fraternity Council, this social fraternity is committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect, friendship and academic excellence.

Phi Sigma Pi

Phi Sigma Pi has the distinction of being Mansfield’s first fraternity. This national honor fraternity is described as being one-third academic, one-third service, and one-third social. To pledge Phi Sigma Pi, one must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and be at least a second semester freshman. Phi Sigma Pi welcomes any man or woman who is concerned with the ideals of knowledge, training, and friendship.

Philosophy Club

Promoting philosophical activities on campus, the Philosophy Club sponsors trips, lectures, panel discussions and films on a broad variety of subjects. It also publishes Synapse, a student magazine of philosophy and opinion that has appeared annually since 1979.

Physics Club

Some of the objectives of the members of the club are to advance the level of physics knowledge and to provide a forum for discussing recent physics discoveries, careers in physics and other related topics.

Pi Gamma Mu

It’s purpose is to honor those who have attained excellence in a social science major. This organizqation seeks to foster higher standards of academic excellence and high levels of service to the campus and community. To be eligible, students with majors in Social Work, Sociology & Anthropology, Political Science and Psychology must have completed at least 60 credit hours, 30 of which must be for social science courses, and achieved an over QPA of 3.0.

Political Science Club

The purpose of the Political Science Club is to develop interest in and stimulate conversation about, politics on a local, state and national level.

Pre-Law Association

Our primary purpose is to provide information to students who plan to attend law school. Guest speakers and field trips benefit both members and non-members.

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the national honor society in psychology. It provides academic prestige to its initiates by the mere fact of membership. To be considered, one must be a psychology or human relations major, have a minimum of a B average, and 9 credit hours in psychology.

Psychology Club

The purpose of this organization is to advance interest in and knowledge of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields.

Roller and Ice Hockey Club

This club is for students interested in roller/ice hockey to participate in hockey games and learn about the sport of hockey.

Running Club

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in the sport of running as well as provide the option of running to get in shape, achieve personal goals, or to practice competitive racing.

Public Relations Society

The Public Relations Society is open to, and interested in all students. We offer students the chance to generate creative ideas and put those ideas into action, to better our community on and off campus.

Saddle Club

This club is open to all students from beginning to advanced riding levels. Grooming, saddling, and trail riding are club activities. We also participate in field trips and other activities. Activities are based on the interests of the members.


Service, to both the university community and community at large, and strengthening the relationships between the two are the primary purpose of this organization.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a social fraternity that was established at MU in 2004. The purpose of this organization is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, service, and character.

Sigma Alpha Iota

Sigma Alpha Iota is an international music fraternity for women whose ideals are high standards of musicianship, scholarship, sisterhood, and character. Any woman in the music department who is under private musical instruction, has at least 6 credits in music, has a 2.5 academic average, and a B in her major applied area, is eligible to pledge membership.

Sigma Dove Social Society

This organization serves as a service organization to the campus community and surrounding areas by promoting our principles of sisterhood, scholarship and service.

Sigma Zeta

As the national honorary science and mathematics society on campus, Sigma Zeta recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the natural sciences and mathematics. It also provides an opportunity for social and educational interaction among students sharing common academic interests and career goals.

Ski and Snowboard Club

The Ski and Snowboard Club’s interest is in the pursuit of the sport and its intrinsic values such as recreation, exercise, the exhilaration of being outdoors and the developing of a life- long physical and social activity. The Ski Club organizes weekly trips to local ski areas as well as a week long trip to a major United States ski area over semester or spring break. The club negotiates special lift ticket rates, provides transportation, and operates a fully equipped, up to date, ski rental shop.

Social Sciences Club

This club welcoems students from all majors and is aimed at enriching students’ knowledge of and experience with the social sciences. Each semester the club plans trips and activities and screens films intended to enrich students’ awareness and understanding of the social sciences. In addition, the club offers opportunities to participate in various fundraising activities.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is open to all Mansfield University students. It is an integral part of the department and seeks to foster dialogue between the faculty and the students. The club meets regularly to determine members’ attitudes and feelings regarding policy, requirements, curriculum. It is a vehicle through which students are exposed to the professional world of human services in general and professional social work in particular.

Student Alumni Ambassadors

This program helps extend the university’s mission, increases its visibility and promotes quality. Ambassadors serve as good-will ambassadors for the university, as a host / hostess for special university events, and they provide a vehicle through which future alumni leaders are cultivated.

Student Association Nutrition and Dietetics

This organization is open to anyone interested in dietetics and/or food service management. Members learn about their future professions through invited speakers, educational field trips and bi-monthly meetings. Members of Mansfield S.D.A. are also members of the Pennsylvania Student Dietetic Association and are eligible to be members of the American Dietetic Association.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the elected governing body representing Mansfield’s students. SGA is comprised of a senate, with one senator for each 100 students, and an executive committee, consisting of a president and a vice president. This body represents and promotes student issues and concerns with the faculty and administration and is a good way to become involved.

Student PSEA

The goals of this organization are to develop among college students preparing to teach: (a) an understanding of the teaching profession through participation in the work of the local, state, and national education associations; (b) to provide leadership training and experiences; (c) to plan activities that can be coordinated with other existing chapters= programs; (d) to provide opportunities to observe and work with citizen groups for the welfare of children and public education; (e) to seek actively higher standards of teacher education; (f) to stress the importance of careful selection of persons admitted to teacher education institutions with emphasis on character, personality, and scholarship.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

The purposes of this organization shall be: 1) To teach others an understanding of how market economies and businesses operate; 2) To help businesses to use our knowledge to better themselves, their community, and their country; 3) To promote individual ideas and teamwork among individuals associated with SIFE; 4) To build a partnership between Mansfield University SIFE and businesses in society. All students and alumni of Mansfield University can be members of SIFE.

Tau Beta Sigma

Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary band sorority that promotes and supports collegiate bands and band activities. Opportunities exist for members to gain in such areas as leadership, musical achievement, and promotion of worthwhile projects. Eligibility is based on a QPA of at least 2.5 and participation in the Concert Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, or Orchestra.

Travel Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide a learning travel experience, once a semester, and to gather knowledge about the process of planning group travel.


Music Radio 89 is dedicated to providing educational, informative and entertaining programming for the campus and community. Radiating at 89.5 megacycles, WNTE is a 115 watt educational FM station, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. With main studios and offices located in the lower level of South Hall, WNTE welcomes all interested students to join in the fun of broadcasting.

Women With A Mission (WWAM)

WWAM desires to promote the advancement and prosperity of African American women, focusing on academic achievement, economic welfare, and health awareness.

Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha is a women’s social fraternity. Zetas always strive for academic excellence, while maintaining a high social standard of conduct. Individual interests include a variety of well-rounded activities: sports, music, cheerleading, student government, and community service, among others. ZTA is also proud to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


The purpose of Zodiak Stance is to entertain the crowd at different university events and provide an activity for those who enjoy performing, dancing, and stepping.