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Mansfield University 2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Financial Information

Mansfield University offers quality graduate education at competitive rates. Please contact the Student Accounts Office for information on admission fees and tuition, (570) 662-4888, 224 South Hall, or visit the web at http://esd.mansfield.edu/student-accounts/. Independent Study and Individualized Instruction are not considered online courses and are subject to the miscellaneous fee schedule.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Mansfield University participates in the major federal and state financial aid programs. To be considered for financial aid the following points are emphasized:

  1. File for financial aid immediately upon confirmed admission to Mansfield University.
  2. To apply for aid, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed.gov or contact the Financial Aid Office at (570) 662-4129 for a paper application.
  3. Identify Mansfield University (003324) as an institution of choice on the FAFSA application. If the graduate student doesn’t do this, the University will not get the student’s financial analysis and will be unable to process any aid.

Student loans are the primary source of available aid. Graduate students may apply for Federal Stafford Loans at www.aesSuccess.org. Alternative loan financing is also available by going to www.elmselect.com/oll/SchoolLenderList/?schoolId=655. To retain financial aid eligibility the graduate student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Standards. To obtain more information about financial aid and student loan forgiveness programs please visit www.studentaid.ed.gov. For additional information regarding financial aid, please call the Financial Aid Office at (570) 662-4129.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships may be available each year to full-time and half-time graduate students. Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office for information regarding possible in-state tuition waivers and stipends. Graduate assistantships provide the graduate student with opportunities for professional, collegial, and academic growth. To this purpose, graduate assistants are assigned to work in an academic or professional area on campus. Awards are assigned on a competitive process. Graduate students should apply for an assistantship by March 15 to be considered for the following academic year (see the website http://graduate-studies.mansfield.edu/graduate-assistantships/ for additional information and/or an application).

Other Fees

Deferred Payment Fee

Students may defer payment up to one-half of the balance due for six weeks after the first day of the semester. The balance due is defined as the total fees for the current semester, less approved financial aid. Nonpayment of the full balance due incurs the $50 fee.

Late Payment Charge

A Late Payment charge will be assessed if a student’s account balance (net of approved financial aid) is not paid in full at the end of the semester deferred payment period (six weeks from the start of the semester). The amount of the Late Payment charge is proportional to the account balance as described in the following table.

Account Balance Due (ABD)

Late Payment Charge








$ 0

 Returned Check Fee

A $25 fee is charged for each check or e-check returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds (NSF). A $5 fee is charged for each e-check (electronic check) returned by the bank for invalid account information.

Music Lesson Fee

Graduate Students:
The music lesson fee will be assessed at $100 per credit for music courses MAP-5500 and above.

Parking Decal Fee

The fee for a valid permit from September through August is as follows:
Commuter Student $25
Resident Student    $50

Parking permit applications are located at the website http://mansfield.edu/police/.

Refunds & Adjustments of Charges

The following information is subject to change without notice (visit the website http://esd.mansfield.edu/student-accounts/refunds-adjustments/ for details):

Withdrawal From The University (Or All Coursework)
Tuition, housing, community building fee, health fee, activity fee and fitness center fee are adjusted for all students according to the refund schedule. The technology fee is non-refundable.
Dining adjustments are pro-rated on a weekly basis.

First day through drop period          100%
Through Second Week                     80%
Through Third Week                        60%
Through Fourth Week                      50%
Through Fifth Week                         40%
Sixth Week                            No Refund

For specific dates, refer to the Academic Calendar at http://mansfield.edu/academic-affairs/media/files/Academic%20Calendar%20web.pdf 

Financial Obligation

Failure to meet financial obligation by the due dates may result in future registrations being blocked and transcripts withheld. The minimum amount required to confirm registration is the total charge, LESS financial aid, DIVIDED by two, PLUS any beginning balance. Payment of the minimum amount due will allow the graduate student to defer the remaining balance due for six weeks. Failure to make payment in full by the payment due date will automatically result in the student account incurring a deferred payment fee of $50. For additional information contact the Student Accounts Office, (570) 662-4888, 224 South Hall.

Tuition Management Services Payment Plans

Mansfield University partners with Tuition Management Services (TMS) to offer students alternative payment plan options. TMS works directly with families allowing students to pay tuition and fees, interest free, for the entire academic year over a ten month period, beginning in June. Simply call (800) 722-4867 or visit https://www.afford.com/index.htm for further information. TMS payment plans are not available for summer semesters.

Delinquent Accounts

A graduate student is not permitted to register for course work, receive a diploma, or obtain official transcripts until all overdue accounts have been paid. Delinquent accounts may be assessed collection costs for in-house or collection agency assignment. Students requesting transcripts are encouraged to pay any outstanding balance by money order or cashiers check to avoid a two-week clearing period on personal checks.