Nov 13, 2018  
Mansfield University 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Political Science Minor

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Offered by the Department of History, Philsophy and Political Science
Professor Carpenter, Guenther, Newman
Associate Professors Bosworth (chairperson), Chua, Gaskievicz, Holderby, McEvoy, Rothermel

A minor in Political Science provides an excellent complement to nearly any major. This social science discipline is devoted to the study of government and politics of the US, other countries, and the international system. Our central goal is to produce students with a well-rounded knowledge of the discipline and a set of skills that serve as a basis for careers in any number of fields after graduation. As a broad field, political science clearly relates to the study of history, philosophy, economics, psychology, geography, sociology, criminal justice, foreign languages, mass communications/public relations, and education. It also has a less obvious relationship with biology, chemistry, business, mathematics, English, and social work. Experience studying politics and government contributes to a graduate’s ability to pursue advanced degrees, such as law, or other graduate work. The political science minor can support most any career, from banking, finance, sales, lobbying, education, research, law enforcement, and the civil service. The fundamental skills students learn in the field of political science are broadly and widely applied to post-graduation careers.

18 s.h.

Program Requirements

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