Aug 11, 2020  
Mansfield University 2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Environmental Studies Minor

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Offered by the Department of History, Philsophy and Political Science
Professor Carpenter, Guenther, Newman
Associate Professors Bosworth (chairperson), Chua, Gaskievicz, Holderby, McEvoy, Rothermel

The past is a living, dynamic subject and very much a part of today. This program in the humanities provides a solid background in the methods and concepts of historical investigation and introduces students to the various schools of historical interpretation. It includes courses in American, European, and Third World history, as well as a wide variety of arts and sciences courses. The research and writing skills developed in this program open opportunities in many areas. History is excellent preparation for law school. Combined with the appropriate courses, it provides a good background for journalism. Producers of television shows, documentaries, and movies, with settings in the past, all have research staffs to insure historically accurate productions. History graduates work in such diverse careers as editing publications, archival management, foreign service, and museums.

The environmental studies minor allows students of all majors to engage in a fully interdisciplinary course of study focused on the relationship between people and the natural world. This enterprise is designed to deepen understanding of the humanities and the sciences and to suggest ways those disciplines can be integrated. This minor will also help students to be more effective citizens in a world where the earth’s population of 6 billion is projected to double during their lifetimes and the demand for resources will increase.

21 - 23 credits

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