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Mansfield University 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Business Administration, Management Concentration

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Offered by the Department of Business and Economics
Professors Kutty (Chairperson), Solan
Associate Professors Dugan, Ghods
Assistant Professor Havalchak

The management concentration promotes the understanding of new, creative ways of managerial thinking and practice, cultural flexibility, and adapting to new situations.  It integrates theories and practices and provides a comprehensive body of knowledge about how students as future managers can become effective leaders in rapidly evolving environments.  It focuses on providing a broad overview of the new context of contemporary organizations with an emphasis on theories and research findings that offer insights and practical knowledge about effective management.  Graduates in management concentration develop knowledge and skills needed to ethically manage and lead small and global organizations with the goal of satisfying stakeholders’ claims on the firm.  Graduates have the opportunity start their own business or participate in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Program Objectives:

Upon the completion of the Management Concentration students should be able to:

MGT-1 Describe the role and behavior of organizations in modern societies, managerial functions, the tools of modern management and recognize how to use these tools to assemble facts, analyze problem situations, evaluate and implement theories and technique.  (MU Outcome - Scholarship) (BSBA-5)

MGT-2 Recognize the contemporary challenges facing managers:  managerial ethics and corporate social responsibilty and international management.  (MU Outcome - Character)  (BSBA3)

MGT-3 Apply learning experiences in management that will instill in students a relentless desire to continue their learning throughout their lives, discover continuing professional development and renewal as well as examine opportunities for personal growth using critical thinking.  (MU Outcome:  Scholarship, Culture and Character) (BSBA 3 and BSBA 4).

MGT-4 Demonstrate the critical role of effective leadership and high ethical standards among students as future managers and leaders.  (MU Outcome - Character, Culture and Service) (BSBA 3 and BSBA 4)

Total Credit Hours: 75 - 76

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