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Mansfield University 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Business Administration, Accounting Concentration

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Offered by the Department of Business and Economics
Professors Carpenter, Kutty, Solan
Associate Professors Dugan (Chair), Gaballa, Ghods, Wang
Assistant Professor Havalchak, Smith

Business Administration, The Accounting Concentration

The accounting concentration develops an understanding of underlying principles of accounting and their applications to business.   In conjunction with a strong business and general education background, students concentrating in accounting are positioned to pursue successful careers in industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations.   Student internships and work experiences provide a way to gain valuable work experience that can lead to greater job opportunities.

Students planning to take the CPA exam need to be aware of the educational requirements of the state in which they intend to practice. In Pennsylvania, candidates may sit for the CPA Exam after graduation and completion of 120 hours of education, including 24 credits in accounting subjects.  Candidates are required to obtain 150 credit hours of education, including 36 hours in accounting subjects, before a license is granted.  Source:  PICPA, CPA Exam in Pennsylvania ©2008.

Students interested in the CPA exam should consult their accountancy adviser.

Students are encouraged to participate in the volunteer tax preparation program directed by faculty and administered through the Internal Revenue Service and AARP.

Accounting Concentration Outcomes
Graduates of the Accounting concentration shall:

  • Identify and analyze ethical considerations related to accounting decisions and the social responsibility of accountants’ decisions including environmental, global and legal issues.
  • Apply financial analysis to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Discuss and analyze financial statements of corporations.


Total Credit Hours: 81 - 82

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