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Mansfield University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Anthropology Minor

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Offered by the Department of Applied Socio-Behavioral Studies
Professors Sidell
Associate Professors Madigan, Mansfield (chairperson), Purk
Assistant Professors Clark, Daly, Murphy

Anthropology is the study of humanity. To address all aspects of the human experience, anthropology has four major subdisciplines: Physical Anthropology, the biological study of humans and their origins; Archaeology, the study of material culture; Linguistic Anthropology, the study of languages; and Cultural Anthropology, the study of human beliefs and behaviors in different cultures. The department offers introductory courses in all four subdisciplines, ethnographic fieldwork, legal anthropology, medical anthropology, and various cultural regions. 

A minor in Anthropology prepares students for a variety of careers in our increasingly multi-cultural society through critical thinking and evaluation, and appropriate research methods and analysis. The program is designed to allow students maximum flexibility to pursue their interests and career goals and combines easily with other disciplines.

Anthropologists are employed by museums, national parks, and other public organizations which address the management and interpretation of cultural resources. When combined with appropriate field school experience, a concentration in Anthropology prepares students for employment in archaeology, as well as the many organizations which hire anthropologists for applied human relations work with diverse cultures, such as refugee and immigrant communities. The minor also prepares students for graduate work in either Sociology or Anthropology, and is an excellent background for advanced degrees in many other disciplines.

The department also offers the following minors: Sociology, Gerontology, Social Welfare and Sociology.

18 s.h.

Program Requirements


    Anthropology Electives

    •  Take 6 credits of 1000 & 2000 level ANH courses

    •  Take 9 credits of 3000 & 4000 level ANH courses

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