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Mansfield University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Information Systems Minor

Offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Information Science
Professors H. Iseri (chairperson), Lienhard
Associate Professors D’Ortona, Haner, Savoye, Schuerman
Assistant Professors Dietz, L. Iseri, Junius, McKee, Phillips, Sim

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Information Science offers two baccalaureate degree programs in Computer Science, one with a concentration in Computer Science and the other with a concentration in Information Systems. There is also a two-year associate degree program in Information Systems. The B.S. Computer Science concentration focuses on the techniques and mathematical aspects of computing. The requirements are sufficient for majors to declare a minor in mathematics without any additional coursework.

The B.S. Information Systems concentration focuses on the system and business aspects of computing. Many students also declare a business-related minor or, with a modest number of additional courses, complete a dual major in Business Administration.

The A.S. Information Systems program also focuses on the system and business aspects of computing and is designed to let students easily switch to the B.S. Information Systems degree program.

There are three minors available in Computing: Computer Science, Information Systems, and General Computing. Students who major in one concentration can minor in the other with some additional course work. Also, students majoring in Computer Science may choose to do a dual major with Information Systems. Students majoring in Information Systems may choose to do a dual major with a program in the Business and Economics Department. These dual majors and major/minor strategies can be valuable assets when entering the job market.

18 s.h.

Program Requirements

The Information Systems minor provides a strong background in office applications software and systems analysis for students majoring in business-related fields of study. See also Computer Science Minor and General Computing Minor.