Aug 14, 2022  
Mansfield University 2008-2009 Graduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2008-2009 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


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Master of Education (M.Ed.), Art Education

Dr. Joseph Murphy, Chairperson, Professor
206 Butler Center, (570) 662-4734, email

Ms. Martha Whitehouse, Assistant Chairperson, Assistant Professor
117 Allen Hall, (570) 662-4500, e-mail

Ms. Susan W. Sweet, Center for Lifelong Learning
Memorial Hall, (570) 662-4849, email

The M.Ed. in Art Education empahsizes academic mastery of art education theory, practice, and research while deepening the learner’s understanding of studio skills and knowledge of art history. Individuals admitted to the program are required to be certified art teachers within one of the fifty states; non-United States citizens must provide proof that they have met the requirements to teach art in their respective countries. Certification may be attained in on-campus program through completion of the PA requirements at the undergraduate level while also enrolled in the Masters program. The graduate program attracts talented, dedicated, and self-motivated graduate students who wish to become more informed about pedagogy, studio studies, and professional research. The conceptual framework advocates a model of art education that encourages graduate students to become leaders in their field. Lock Haven University collaborates with Mansfield University in offering the M.Ed. in Art Education, courses from Lock Haven are indicated by an LH. Students must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above to be admitted to the program. The candidate for the M.Ed. in Art Education must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours of approved study. After completing the research methods course, three options for a final research projects may be proposed. A research paper or a thesis in the field of art education or a practice-based research project, an exhibition of original student artwork completed during the Mansfield University M.Ed. program. Distance learners may participate in summer courses on campus or transfer credits from an equivalent studio experience.

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