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Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Business Administration, General Business Concentration

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Offered by the Department of Business and Economics
Professors Carpenter, Kutty, Solan, Yacovissi

Associate Professors Dugan, Gaballa, Ghods
Assistant Professor Havalchak

Most aspects of life are touched in some way by the business world: retailing, education, banking services, real estate, health care, and many others. Some of the career choices of Mansfield University Business and Economics graduates are accountants, CPA, CMA, professional salespersons, bank managers, government economists, financial planners, advertising executives, health service administrators, hotel sales and marketing managers, and meeting and conference planners. If these careers sound interesting, the study of Business and Economics at Mansfield University will open up the world of business to you.

The department offers baccalaureate degree programs in business and economics. The blend of general education and professional business education provides students with much needed skills, knowledge, values and ethics needed in today’s business environments.

Concentrations within the business administration degree include: Accounting, General Business, International Business, Management, and Marketing. The Accounting emphasis provides students with a strong background in business, as well as in accounting. Accounting students can step into a diverse range of career and graduate school options. Students entering the General Business emphasis are advised to discuss their goals with their academic advisor who will help them choose courses that will prepare them to be competitive in their specific area of business. The International Business emphasis builds understanding and appreciation for the global environment. The Marketing emphasis takes a solid business core as a foundation and adds a variety of marketing courses that prepare students for career opportunities in marketing related disciplines.

There is flexibility built into the design of the four-year degree programs to permit internships and minor studies. There is room to meet the individual needs and interest of students in the course work they select.

The Department offers minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Economics, and Travel and Tourism. The Department also has a two-year degree program in Travel and Tourism. The two-year program is designed to be transferable to the four-year track should students decide to pursue the four-year degree.

Program Requirements: Business Administration Programs

All students with a concentration in Accounting, General Business, International Business, Management, or Marketing must take the following core classes:

Total Semester Hours for Core: 45-6

General Business Concentration (B.S.) 120 s.h.

  • Electives: Eighteen hours of 3000 or 4000 level major-related electives  Credits: 18

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