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Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Canadian Studies Minor

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Offered by the Department of Philosophy
Professors Newman, Timko (chairperson), Young
Assistant Professor McEvoy

Philosophy is concerned with exploring and reasoning through such issues as the meaning of life, whether we are really free, the nature of the self, how we can determine what is morally right and wrong, proper reasoning (logic), whether there is a God, the nature of religion, science, and art. The department offers the B.A. degree in Philosophy, as well as a Philosophy minor. Additionally, the minor program in Canadian Studies, and the minor in Pre-Law are all administered by the Philosophy Department.

Canadian Studies

The formal study of Canada is a critical element in the education of the next generation of leaders, providing a significant, accessible avenue for understanding global interdependence and multicultural environments. Moreover, with Canada and the United States as each other’s largest trading partner, learning about Canada as a foreign market makes increasingly good economic sense, especially as international job mobility increases. The Canadian Studies minor provides the student with an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the history, literature, economics, politics, business, fine arts, educational systems, and the physical and cultural environments of our northern neighbor. Building on the theoretical and practical content of the core course, the student selects courses from across the curriculum wherever Canadian content or perspectives are designated.

18 s.h.

Program Requirements

  • Directed discipline related elective ** Credits: 3
    (Art History, English, French, History, Philosophy Or Women’s Studies)
  • Directed discipline related elective ** Credits: 3
    (Anthropology, Business, Communications, Economics, Geography, Journalism, Political Science, Social Work, Travel and Tourism)
  • Open Electives ** Credits: 6

** Must contain at least 30% Canadian content or 30% of final grade must be based on a Canadian research project

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