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Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Music Performance

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Professors Boston, Brennan (chairperson), Dettwiler, Galloway, Kim, Murphy, Sarch
Associate Professors Crowder, Dodson-Webster, Gregorich, Monkelien, Schmid, Teal
Assistant Professors Eidenier, Laib, McEuen, Moritz, Moulton, Rinnert, Wetzel
Instructors Alexander, Filiano, Rommon, Slotkin

The Mansfield University Department of Music provides an environment that promotes academic, musical and personal growth as well as intellectual, ethical and aesthetic values. The department serves the regional, national and international communities by developing human and material resources. The department of music is committed to stimulating a continuous pursuit of knowledge, understanding and skills by students and faculty.

The Music Department offers five degree programs leading to the baccalaureate degree with a major in music. Students in other majors with appropriate interest and aptitude may pursue a minor in music. Degree programs include: performance, music education, music therapy, music with elective studies in business, and a BA in music. Students must complete a live audition for acceptance into a music degree program. Please refer to the department for audition information and other entrance requirements. All music programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

Students in all music degree programs are required to complete a core of essential courses in music theory, music history and literature, applied music and piano, and they must participate in music ensembles. All music students are required to pass a piano proficiency. Each individual degree program has additional proficiency requirements to better prepare the student for his chosen field of endeavor. During the fourth semester of study, all students will complete a sophomore review.

The review will consist of performance on primary instrument, piano, singing and sightreading, rhythmic reading and conducting, written career goals and grade point average. The review must be passed to continue into upper division music courses.

The B.M. in Music Performance is available in piano, organ, guitar, voice, percussion, and any standard string, brass, and woodwind instrument. Students must successfully complete a live audition for admission to this program. Completion of a performance degree will prepare students for further study in music at the master’s level. Mansfield University is proud to offer this degree to exceptional musicians whose career goals are to perform professionally.

All Undergraduate Music Degrees
Students are subject to all university academic requirements. The following academic requirements apply only to continuance in the undergraduate music programs at Mansfield University. Non-music major or minors may enroll in music classes when seats are available, but priority seating in all MU and MAP courses is given to music majors and minors.
A.    A grade of “C” or better must be achieved in all Music (MU) and MAP 33XX and 44XX level Music Applied prefix courses.
B.    Students must abide by all requirements outlined in the syllabi of all music related courses.
C.    Required courses for the Bachelor of Music degrees or the Bachelor of Arts in Music are not included in the University Pass/Fail Option.
D.  Requirements for the Bachelor of Music degrees or the Bachelor of Arts in Music must be completed within seven years.
E.    Applied study is based on a specific number of semesters of study and not merely a total number of credits earned. Students transferring from a degree program where credit for applied study is higher than another degree program are not exempt from the total number of semesters for applied study. Likewise, a student transferring to a degree with increased credits required, may receive a waiver of some credits if the applied instructor can certify that the student is performing at an appropriate level.
F.     Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music Academic Requirements:
1.     A. 3.0 cumulative GPA or better is required to enroll all music education related courses.
2.        A minimum QPA of 2.5 is required for all other music degrees.
3.        Students must have a “C” or better to move on to sequential courses such as Basic Music 1-IV and Music History courses.
G. Program Academic Dismissal:
1.         All students in music degrees must pass the departmental Sophomore Review. Failure of the review will result in dismissal from the program unless remediation is evidenced in the final sophomore music jury (Spring).
2.         Students who receive 2 failing grades (F’s) in core music courses during the same academic semester will be dismissed from the program. Students failing (F) any repetition of a course taken previously in the music core will be dismissed from the music program. Students who receive two failing grades (F) in any sequential courses in the music core will be dismissed from the program.   All dismissals may be petitioned (See Appeals below.)
3.          If a student has not met music program standards by the end of the Spring term of their sophomore year or has been dismissed under F.2 above will be dropped from all MU, MAP and MTH prefix courses in which he/she has registered. If and when the student has met the music program requirements, he/she must contact the music program Academic Progression and Retention committee to see if a seat is available. Re-admission is not guaranteed, though the student can progress if a seat is available; a seat will not be saved for a student who has dropped below music program standards.
HRegistration Restriction:
1.        All students who are in good academic standing and have made continuous progression in the music programs will take precedence over those students who have not met music program standards or who have not continuously progressed in the music program.  
I.    Appeals:
Students who have not met academic standards for the music program due to unusual circumstances may appeal to the Department Academic Progression Committee for individual consideration. Any decisions made by the Committee are based solely on individual circumstances and are not precedent setting. Written appeals should be directed to the Chairperson of the Music Department who will forward the petition to the department Academic Progression and Retention Committee.
1.        Appeals process:
a.    Student is notified by the department chair that they are being academically dismissed from the music program.
b.    Students who feel they have mitigating or unusual circumstances may appeal their dismissal by filing a written request of consideration with the music department chair.
c.    The department chair will forward the appeal request to theDepartment Academic Progression Committeed.   The Department Academic Progression Committee (DAPC)will contact the student and set up an appeal hearing.
e.    The student should present all evidence of mitigating circumstances to the DAPC for consideration and will be notified in writing of the final decision. Decisions of the DAPC may not be appealed further in the department.

Program Requirements: Music Performance, (B.M.):120 s.h.

  • MU xxxx Music Electives Credits: 5
    (Voice concentration requires MU352 and MU 353)
  • MU xxxx Applied Music Credits: 46
    (Major 30, Secondary 4, Ensemble 12)

Total Semester Hours: 81

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