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Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Art History

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Offered by the Departments of Art
Professor Murphy, Chairperson
Professor Kutbay
Assistant Professors Hamad, and Whitehouse, Assistant Chairperson

The Art Department offers two baccalaureate degrees: B.S.E. in Art Education and B.A. in Art History. The art education program guides prospective teachers to meet general education requirements, to develop skills in three studio clusters with a concentration in one area, and to provide a rich foundation in studio art production skills, art history, aesthetics, criticism, theory and practice of art education. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the graduate is qualified to teach in the elementary and secondary schools. Graduating students must successfully complete the Praxis examinations both in general studies and their area of specialization to be certified to teach in Pennsylvania.

Incoming freshman and transfer students must successfully complete an interview and portfolio review conducted by art faculty. Portfolios must be submitted under the Art Department guidelines (see Art Dept. web page). Deadlines are: Fall admittance prior to April 30th; Spring admittance prior to November 15th.

Art history majors acquire a background in the historical and cultural origins of the visual arts, from cave painting to computer art. Some Art History courses include Ancient and Medieval Art, Art of the Renaissance, History of Prints, Oriental Art, History of African-American Art, and Native Arts of the Americas. This program is primarily preparation for graduate school, but with close advisement in selecting courses it also prepares its students for work in galleries, museums, writing in the art field, and other related careers.

The B.A. in Art History is unique, in that it offers all 30 credits of core courses in Art History in an online environment. In addition the 120 credit program requires 55 credits of General Education courses, and 35 credits of free electives. The 30 credits of core courses consist of AHR 1101 Introduction to Art, ART 3300 Visual Studies in Aesthetic Experiences, ART 4404 Special Problems in Art, and 21 credits of Art History electives. As part of the B.A. degree in Art History, students are required to do either a minor in any field, or complete any language of choice at a second year proficiency. Currently the majority of online General Education courses are offered during the summer. Students may supplement their online courses with courses that are offered on campus, or they may opt to transfer in credits from elsewhere as part of their degree program.

Program Requirements: Art History (B.A.): 120 s.h.

Students must complete either two semesters of a second year language proficiency or a minor in any subject.

  • ARH xxxx - Art Electives Credits: 21

Total Semester Hours: 30

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