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Mansfield University 2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mission Statements

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Mansfield University Mission Statement


Our Mission

Mansfield University is dedicated to a personalized education with all programs grounded in the liberal arts. As a small, comprehensive public university, we are committed to promoting leadership development through character, scholarship, cultural awareness and service to others. Through our passion for learning, we positively influence the world.

Our Vision

The community of Mansfield University will embody the four virtues of our Creed - Character, Scholarship, Culture, and Service.


We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior, incorporating respect for self, others, and our surroundings. We will devote ourselves to the holistic development of individuals, fostering personal accountability, honesty and advocacy through character education. Courage, integrity, and honor exemplify our core values.


The Mansfield University community will foster a life of intellectual curiosity, celebrating the creation and dissemination of new ideas. We will embrace the use of rigorous, responsible and critical inquiry to understand, acquire and share knowledge. We apply what we learn by recognizing that each of us is both student and teacher engaged in the continuous pursuit of learning.


Mansfield University will lead the region and beyond in promoting diversity and cultural awareness. We will accomplish this mission by vigorously engaging with one another, capitalizing on the gifts bestowed on our community through the arts, and celebrating our similarities and differences. Through open discourse, we will create meaningful experiences that compel us towards understanding and compassion for all humanity.


Knowledge invests us with the power to improve our world and the responsibility to act. We will be engaged in our community. Our students, faculty, and staff will partake in volunteerism and service activities as a natural outgrowth of the University Mission in order to impact lives now and in the future.

 In 1912, our Mansfield University student body first adopted the above values, emphasizing their order: “Character as the essential, Scholarship as the means, Culture as the enrichment, and Service as the end of all worthy endeavor.” The current revision of the creed was developed by the Leadership Group of the Focus on Learning Forum and recommended to the Cabinet by the members of the Learning Forum.

Graduate Studies Mission Statement


Assigning the responsibility of instruction to the faculty most qualified to teach graduate courses encourages academic excellence. The criteria for graduate faculty status are established and monitored by Graduate Council. Graduate study at Mansfield University may result in:

  • A Master’s degree
  • Certification in one or more areas
  • Expanded knowledge in an identified area

The graduate program is committed to affirmative action to ensure equity for students and faculty. Both full and part-time study are encouraged and promoted with special effort given to meet the unique needs of part-time students.