Aug 19, 2018  
Mansfield University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
Mansfield University 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Dr. Maravene Loeschke
500 North Hall; 570-662-4046

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Peter A. Keller
508 North Hall; 570-662-4804

Vice President for Administration & Finance
529 North Hall; 570-662-4881

Advancement Office
524 North Hall; 570-662-4292

Associate Vice President for Residence Life
Mr. Charles Colby
120 Pinecrest; 570-662-4342

Vice President for Student Affairs
326 Alumni Hall; 570-662-4980

Associate Provost and Dean of Arts & Sciences
509 North Hall; 570-662-4805

Associate Provost and Dean of Education, Professional and Graduate Studies
Dr. Joy Patricia Burke
504 North Hall; 570-662-4807

Director of Institutional Research & Assessment Data
Dr. John Cosgrove
511 North Hall; 570-662-4586

Director of Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance
Dr. Beverly Wallace
520 North Hall; 570-662-4380

Director of Admissions
G29 South Hall; 570-662-4243

Financial Aid
Ms. Barbara Schmitt, Director
224 South Hall; 570-662-4854

Information Technology
002 Memorial Hall; 570-662-4830

Alumni and Community Relations
Ms. Denise Berg, Director
205 Memorial Hall; 570-662-4853

Library and Information Resources
Mr. Scott DiMarco, Director
214 North Hall; 570-662-4689

Career Center
Ms. Nichole Lefelhoc
Alumni, Ground Floor, 570-662-4133

Public Relations and Marketing
Mr. Dennis R. Miller, Director
516 North Hall; 570-662-4846

Student Accounts
Ms. Melanie Seymour, Director
224 South Hall; 570-662-4888

Controller’s Office
Mr. Curt Tofts, Controller
129 Alumni Hall; 570-662-4868

Registrar’s Office
Ms. Lori Cass, Registrar
224 South Hall; 570-662-4202